Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Recording a document with the United States Copyright Office

There are a number of agreements which may be entered into by two people over the issue of a copyright, such as licensing the use of the copyrighted material, or changing ownership of it. Often, this can be done through agreements other than written ones, however many people like to have their agreements in writing with the signatures of the involved parties on the document describing the agreement.

The United States Copyright Office allows individuals to submit originals or certified copies of these agreements to their office, which can be of importance during future legal disputes. This process is known as recording a document, and the rules for doing it vary greatly depending on who is submitting the document for recordation. The originals must bear a signature, or if they are copies, must be properly certified by as true by an appropriate entity, depending on where the copy is coming from. There is also a fee involved.

To get a more complete description of the process, you can read the U.S. Copyright Office's pamphlet on the subject here.

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